Blade bait Manyfik

Blade baits were invented
in the United States.

They are characterized by a large cast range and perfect accuracy.
Additionally, they are universal and can be successfully used in virtually any fishery.

What distinguishes
a blade bait?

It is characterized by a fairly simple structure: profiled and properly loaded plate, on the spine of which there are several holes, which makes it possible to adjust the vibration amplitude. It is versatile and fairly easy to use.

What is the blade bait MANYFIK?

It is a metal plate with three holes on the spine, to which a safety pin is attached. The choice of hole provides different types of vibration, which translates into the type of fishery. (First hole: recommended for rivers with strong current, middle hole for flowing and calm waters, last hole for still or slightly flowing waters). Blade baits are available in a very wide range of colors, different lengths from 37 to 55 mm and weight from 3g to 15g.

What is the
quality of blade bait MANYFIK?

All elements are made precisely, with attention to details. Hand-painted in very realistic and natural as well as vibrant colors. Equipped with very sharp trebles.


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