Trout area ENG

Spoon lures with a distinctive design.

Aggressive and snake-like movements are due to the unique shape of the body of the lure.

the Trout Area lure?

Simple and light construction that ensures incredibly lively action and long casts. It responds perfectly to any acceleration or deceleration. During the stop, it flickeringly falls to the bottom imitating a sick or injured fish, attracting predators.

What is
the Trout Area?

Their common name is spoons. The body is made of metal with a contoured shape and colors available in a wide range of colors. It is finished with a barbless hook. The lure is 3 cm long and available in three weights: 2.5 g, 3 g and 3.5 g.

What is the quality
of Trout Area Manyfik?

Made of high quality materials with watchmaking precision and impeccable finish – hand painted.


We are waiting for you!

We test our lures frequently – of course in places that are natural
for the fishing process. You will often find us close to the water.

However, there is always a range where we are, and in our office we leave
a team of experts in our office, ready to support your fishing adventure.