System of Manyfik

Manyfik System is an original lure
developed by our brand.

It is a combination of a cheburashka with a spinning paddle.
It is a specific spinner with a well-thought and innovative design.

What distinguishes
Manyfik System?

Manyfik System spinners are characterized by a wide selection of loads and shapes of the paddles, which affects the rate of falling of the bait.

What is the Manyfik System bait?

A characteristic feature of the lure is the location of its concentrated weight at the front and the use of the highest quality construction elements. As a result, the blade rotates around its axis smoothly and continuously. Which additionally “enlivens” the rubber placed on the hook or a jig tied on its handle.

What is the quality
of Manyfik System?

Top-quality construction elements. An innovative design that prevents the bait from falling down quickly thanks to the spinning wing that slows down the process.


We are waiting for you!

We test our lures frequently – of course in places that are natural
for the fishing process. You will often find us close to the water.

However, there is always a range where we are, and in our office we leave
a team of experts in our office, ready to support your fishing adventure.