Often called special purpose baits.

They are the precursors of rubber lures. In Poland, they are popular among zander hunters.
Perfect for catching predatory fish in natural and artificial waters.

What distinguishes
a rooster lure?

It is a kind of jig, made of several feathers mounted on a head armed with a hook or an treble.

What are Manyfik rooster lures?

A wide range of colors ideally suited to the seasons and the type of fish.
Big Jigs, the so-called George roosters, whose tails are 9 to 14 cm long, are equipped with numerous feathers from selected capes – Indian roosters and enriched with shiny fibers of multi-colored flashy. Torso of various lengths and colors with an attached hook.

The length of the feathers and the size of the anchors depends on the weight of the head.
The Rooster SYSTEM (Rooster with Cheburashka) is made of the same components as the GEORGE Rooster. However, it is attached to a cheburashka head, which ensures an articulated connection between the feathered lure and the lead head. Thanks to this connection, it drops vertically in the water, and after falling to the bottom, the lure rises above it (just like when using a floating rubber).

The advantage of such mounting is also the versatility of the lure in terms of grammage, because different loads can be applied to one lure, only changing the cheburashka.

The Rooster System lure is perfect for zander, pikes and large perches.

What is the quality
of Manyfik roosters?

Exceptional quality chenille for the body, selected rooster feathers. The heads are cast on the skeletons of steel wire (stainless steel), the mesh of which is set at an angle of 45 degrees to the lure axis.
The color schemes of the body and tails are perfectly matched. Very sharp and precise trebles. Lures move naturally and realistically in the water.


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for the fishing process. You will often find us close to the water.

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