Spinners are classic lures known for years. Our spinners have been improved.

The innovative method of construction and the components used prevent the lure from twisting the line.

What distinguishes
a spinner?

It consists of several elements: a wire with eyelets on both sides, on which the body is mounted, beads bearing a stirrup with a luring element (flap / paddle) rotating during pulling. The essential elements of our lures are: ease of launch, speed, spinning angle and body tilt.

What is the Manyfik spinner?

The spinners are characterized by an interesting structure: the wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm is adequately elastic and shiny. It does not deform.
Stirrup is made of a nicely thicker wire, in the shape resembling the letter “C” with flattened ends and with drilled holes.
The wings are available in two versions: MOBBY V – Aglia Long shape and MOBBY F – shape similar to Mepps Aglia.
The body in the classic form of a sinker is a heavy metal casting that rotates loosely on a wire. It is bearing an additional bead.
The bearing beads are made of metal. The spacer bead is made of hard plastic and has a brightly colored luring element.

What is the quality
of Manyfik spinners?

All elements are made precisely, with attention to detail. The wings of the lure are slightly longer and wider and have a wider, flat edge. Heavy metal body. Bearing beads properly matched to the size of the wing and the body.


We are waiting for you!

We test our lures frequently – of course in places that are natural
for the fishing process. You will often find us close to the water.

However, there is always a range where we are, and in our office we leave
a team of experts in our office, ready to support your fishing adventure.