Twiching wobblers

Twitch lures have gained popularity
as seawater fishing lures.

However, it is a versatile lure and is also ideal for freshwater fishing.
Thanks to its neutral buoyancy, it can be suspended in the impact zone longer, resulting in more bites.

Our long experience in fishing with twitch wobblers and careful selection resulted in the purchase of the best forms for the production of twitch lures. Manual painting and reinforcement allowed us to create high-quality and effective twiching wobblers.

What are the characteristics
of a twiching wobbler

The twitch lure is appreciated for its smooth and very subtle gliding action, which emits minimal vibrations. In addition to the visual flash, the lure “pretends” a wounded fish – it jerks and pauses. So it becomes an easy meal for predatory fish.

What is a twiching wobbler?

The twiching wobbler looks like a small fish. It has a hydrodynamic weighted body and a mobile core. The side surface of the lure produces light reflections, which makes it visible even in muddy water. It is equipped with sharp hooks. The inside of the lure is filled with metal balls that make a sound when retrieved. Thanks to this, twitch is able to cause bites all year round, even in cold water. This design also allows long casts. In the water, it behaves quite chaotically, but very realistically.

What is the quality
of a twiching wobbler?

It is a slow sinking masterpiece that has been perfectly balanced. The bodies are painted by hand and equipped with the best quality, sharp treble hooks. We connect them to the body with a very durable connecting ring. The whole process is carried out with attention to the smallest details, so as to give the lure the most natural look.

Our recommendation
Twitch lures are ideal for catching: pike, perch, zander and trout. The whole concept of twitch bait fishing is to imitate the actions of an injured fish. It all comes down to making the lure do an irregular side-to-side dance that looks like a fish in distress.


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