VIB Wobblers

Vib lures are vibrating lures,
often referred to as paddle lures.

They are used in deep fisheries characterized by strong currents.
Perfectly balanced vibrating lures drop quickly and when retracted,
their shimmering body and snaking tail make them a lure that large predators cannot resist.

What distinguishes
the VIB lure?

Provides a lot of shine and vibration. Extremely easy to drive. The lure moves upside down and its rear rises upwards. It is an ideal deep water lure. It drops quickly to the desired depth within seconds.

What is the VIB lure?

The VIB lure resembles a small fish, it is painted with great precision.
It vibrates strongly and shimmers beautifully when lowering and lifting.
Extremely effective when catching large predatory fish.

What is the quality
of VIB Manyfik lures?

The lures are equipped with strong connecting rings. They are available in a wide range of colors, with precisely reproduced details. High-quality and extremely sharp trebles are made of black nickel. The lure is perfectly designed for a good and intense action.


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