with nature

If you enjoy fishing as much as we do, or you are often near lakes, rivers or the sea, you understand the problem that our generation is facing. The nature that surrounds us is the best version of ourselves, we do not want to change it. Communing with it and drawing energy from it is extremely important to us.

We didn’t just want to produce lures, we wanted to do it consciously, responsibly, with the greatest respect for the environment and fishing passion.

The production of our lures, at any stage, does not have a negative impact on the natural environment. This is due to the use of the right technologies and the best, proven components.

In addition, we wholeheartedly support ethical fishing,
based on the principle of catch & release.

Fishing is not only a food-related dimension, it is a passion and a sport. Catch your fish, photograph, weigh and measure, then hand it over to nature.

Attention to details –
How do We do it?

If it weren’t for the details, there wouldn’t be great effects.
Continuous development is the pursuit of perfection. Our products are made of passion, so there is no room for randomness. We manufacture the lures by hand, using the best quality components that we import from the USA. We do not follow the principle of price and speed in making decisions. Our suppliers are thoroughly analyzed and checked. We believe that if someone has been operating on the market for several dozen years, he is a reliable partner. The experience gained over the years is a treasury of knowledge, but also a certificate of quality.

We approach the process of creating lures.
in a traditional and craftsmanship manner What is created from the heart and the work of human hands is precious and solid.

The lures production process is a multi-stage, planned and synchronized process.
Casting and processing are stages in which, from the components used, the shape and proper form of the bait are created. The next step is to give the lures optimal coloring.. We do it by hand, without rush to create the most natural effect. The next steps: folding, reinforcing with hooks or treble hooks and packing, we also do these steps by hand.

The baits created in this way are ready for an exciting meeting with your fish,
because, as the Russian proverb says: “the fish sees not the hook, but the bait”.


We are waiting for you!

We test our lures frequently – of course in places that are natural
for the fishing process. You will often find us close to the water.

However, there is always a range where we are, and in our office we leave
a team of experts in our office, ready to support your fishing adventure.